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We are inviting corporate ecosystem players to become strategic partners of European Women in VC contributing to increased diversity, boosting equal capital and shaping inclusive future together with the largest network of female fund managers in Europe.

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We are inviting corporates, advisors, investors, LPs and other startup ecosystems players who have an interest in contributing to increased understanding of the European funding landscape when it comes to diversity and the female lens to become a mission aligned partner to this report!

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Besides contributing to creation of important insights partners will get:
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What we have done so far

There are many tools to fight for diversity. In order to break the status quo of capital distribution we need to act in a systemic way, thus we have introduced series of actions to fulfill our agenda, such as reports, events, podcasts!

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SLUSH 2023 in Helsinki: The Most Founder-Focused Event on Earth

With nearly 13,000 participants, SLUSH was an extraordinary gathering of entrepreneurs, tech figures, and investors. It aims to foster innovation and connect global startup ecosystems.

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Women in VC Briefing: Kinga Stanislawska & Juliet Rogan

The state of diversity in European Venture with Kinga Stanislawska, founder of EWVC and co-founder of Experior VC, and Juliet Rogan, a key contributor to the investor coverage team at HSBC Innovation Banking.

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Rebalancing Innovation: Women, AI and Venture Capital in the UK by The Alan Turing Institute

This report examines gender diversity in AI-focused venture capital over the past decade. It highlights the persistent challenge women face in accessing venture capital funding, despite the growth in women-led businesses.

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