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European Women in VC

European Women in VC is a community of over 1000 senior female venture capital investors from all over Europe and beyond. Depending on geography, female cheque writers represent only between 5% and 15% of angel and VC investors, while female founders receive only 2% of VC money. We are on the mission to change this status quo!



Venture Capital is a young industry in Europe with extreme disproportion in diversity overall. Yet it is this industry that finances the companies of tomorrow and with that plays a future creating role - the well funded startups are the most likely to succeed.  If we want to have a future of parity, equal access to capital, where companies that address the needs of the whole of society are given the chance to flourish, we need a diverse pool of investors to work with innovators, with the founders. Without visible institutional and governmental focus on funding women run VC’s and bringing in more women to establish VC funds, this small percentage will not increase. 

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Who supports us?

Venture Capital industry is changing the world of tomorrow. We want to support and accelerate this process adding more women professionals with a fresh ideas and point of view to this equation. 

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