Empowering diversity in Venture Capital

Join us to build a supportive community, grow and shape a more inclusive future of venture space

The current market situation

We are to make a change


Assets under Management in hands of female managers


More revenues generated by mixed management teams


of all interactions with LP are with women


of capital goes to female founders in Europe

Our mission

European Women in VC is a community of over 1000 senior female venture capital investors from all over Europe and beyond.

Depending on geography, female cheque writers represent only between 5% and 15% of angel and VC investors, while female founders receive only 2% of VC money. We are on the mission to change this status quo!

4 Woman on the Stage of "Behind the numbers: The state of Diversity in VC"

Our reports

To really promote idea of diversity we have to look at the problem holistically

European Women in VC report 2024: "Beyond returns: Venture and Growth investing fueling sustainability and societal change"

European Women in VC report 2024: "Beyond returns: Venture and Growth investing fueling sustainability and societal change"

Venture and growth investing is the most impactful asset class. With the right approach and increased institutional allocation, it can drive economic change and create significant social and environmental benefits.

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Female GPs and Senior Managers are an undervalued asset in European Venture Capital Firms (2023)

Female GPs and Senior Managers are an undervalued asset in European Venture Capital Firms (2023)

Report 2023 highlights the positive financial and societal impact of diverse investment teams in the growth and venture space. Pointing out the gender-performance correlation serves as a catalyst for environmental adjustment in the venture capital landscape. It reinforces the notion that diversity is not just a checkbox but a strategic imperative.

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Role and importance of women as cheque writers and start-up founders (2022)

Role and importance of women as cheque writers and start-up founders (2022)

The inaugural pan-European report on the venture capital ecosystem from a gender perspective.

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Venture Capital is a young industry in Europe with extreme disproportion in diversity overall.

Yet it is this industry that finances the companies of tomorrow and with that plays a future creating role - the well funded startups are the most likely to succeed. If we want to have a future of parity, equal access to capital, where companies that address the needs of the whole of society are given the chance to flourish, we need a diverse pool of investors to work with innovators, with the founders.

Without visible institutional and governmental focus on funding women run VC’s and bringing in more women to establish VC funds, this small percentage will not increase.

  • Diversity and inclusion

    Parity and open access to capital for all. We will work with all underfunded VC communities, starting with women as a VC minority. We will work with male colleagues together to ensure a fundamental change to the VC ecosystem in Europe

  • Amplifying the mission

    In our organisation and in your community. Be active. There will be plenty of opportunities. Working with us is an investment into the European VC and startup ecosystem

  • Fairness and Trust

    We will treat each other with respect and create a friendly environment. Openness between the members in a trustful and supportive environment. Let’s collaboratively work to support our joint mission! Investment world is built on trust

  • Building a culture of belonging

    Promotion of an inclusive environment across the funds’ portfolios. True nature of culture of belonging comes from members’ understanding of inclusion not from marketing KPIs. Seeing and presenting the monetary value of diversity and healthy inclusive environment is the future and key to high returns and well understood business risk management


Who supports us?

Venture Capital industry is changing the world of tomorrow. We want to support and accelerate this process adding more women professionals with a fresh ideas and point of view to this equation.

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What members say about us

The world is increasingly diverse, inclusive and plural, and our sector must be too. I hope that in the near future it will not be necessary to claim our space within the VC ecosystem, but in the meantime, it is a pleasure to contribute to this necessary change."
With its well-structured weekly calls and helpful resources, European Women in VC is a dynamic force that drives change and elevates the profile of women in VC."
EWinVC challenges norms and bridges the gender gap in the venture capital industry supporting the most crucial topic: raising funds. Supporting EWinVC is an investment in a brighter, more inclusive future, unlocking potential and shaping a better industry. Thank you, Selma, Anna, Kinga, and the whole EWinVC team for successfully promoting a gender-equal venture capital landscape."
The community brings positive change into the VC ecosystem through its focus on opportunities and enabling valuable connections. By supporting EWinVC, we contribute to closing the innovation gap in Europe by investing in female VCs and promoting transparency in the ecosystem."
The EWinVC community serves as an ideal platform for fostering meaningful exchanges and influencing positive change in this regard. Promoting diversity within our industry is crucial for its long-term growth and sustainability. EWinVC provides the ideal platform for individuals who want to shape a thriving and diverse industry for years to come."
This requires an initiative like, European Women in VC, and an obsessive focus on building a more inclusive and data-driven investment process. By connecting a community of over 1000 senior female VC investors from Europe and beyond, we can hold ourselves and others accountable and create a virtuous cycle that drives sustainable success."
"European Women in VC’ advocates for more diversity across the entire industry in Europe. Bridging gaps requires strong commitment and perseverance. Visible success drives participation, creating a stronger outcome when European women see the entire representation and can get an overview.
"We still have a long way to go when it comes to achieving gender parity in VC investment teams and the tech sector in Europe. As one of the few tech investment funds founded by women, we are deeply committed to driving the transformation and fostering greater diversity within our industry. We firmly believe that an increase in female representation is crucial for empowering and funding tech companies founded by women.
"I am part of the EWinVC community because peer-to-peer knowledge exchange between female investors works very well. We collaborate to identify opportunities and discuss hurdles we encounter. EWinVC benefits me by providing valuable insights through LP calls, helping me navigate the LP ecosystem more systematically.
"European Women in VC offers a unique opportunity to meet with best in class LPs and with other female fund partners to both fundraise and co-invest. It is a quite unique space to grow the female VC community and empower each other with weekly business-accelerating gatherings."
"The European Women in VC membership has offered me great opportunities coming in contact with LPs and other women in European VC funds, which has been crucial for me as an emerging manager with a first fund."
"The EWinVC community brings together a powerful group of women, all leaders in their focus areas within venture investing. We're proud to participate and benefit enormously from the connections and support within the community, and also from the introductions made by the EWinVC to the wider LP community."
"As proud members of EWinVC, OneRagtime is dedicated to promoting gender equality and women's empowerment in the venture capital ecosystem. Through meaningful connections organized each week with leading and exclusive LPs, access to valuable resources for funding, and the promotion of women's venture capitalists' achievements.
"The European Women in VC community offers a remarkable platform for women in VC to connect with LPs, gaining invaluable insights for better alignment. It broadens LP capital access for female-led and mixed funds, driving crucial dialogue and policy changes to support female investors and founders in Europe.
"I am very proud to be part of the European Women in VC community. Sharing it with so many great professional women is truly inspiring. More and more women are running venture capital funds and it is important that we have the greatest possible visibility, so that other women can follow in our footsteps.
"Running a successful fund in its entire lifecycle from launch to exit requires good access to financial networks. The European Women in VC community gave me exactly such a unique opportunity to widen my international network and to give more nuance to my understanding of major LPs' perspectives."
"European Women in VC provides access to a wonderful community of female GPs across Europe. The association is very committed to helping female GPs establish better connections within Europe and also provide access to LPs interested in investing in Europe. We definitely see tremendous value in building this strong community of great female investors willing to help each other."
"With European Women in VC we want to contribute to strengthening leadership of women and increase their influence in the venture capital and startup world. We want to pave the way for the next generation of female founders and investors!"
"The EU Women in VC community is useful and supportive. Concrete initiatives like the “Meet the LP” sessions provide real value and I would recommend to all European VCs to join this association."
"Diverse minds bring diverse knowledge, skills, and approach to building companies and solving challenges. There is a big gender imbalance in the VC world that permeates down to the founders. EU Women in VC takes action to close that gap at the investor level, so that gender-diverse founding teams have an equal starting ground, which we all believe will lead to greater impact."
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