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Founding members

Kinga Stanisławska

Co-Founder of European Women in VC

Almudena Trigo

BeAble Capital

Anne Glover


Ekateria Alamasque

Open Ocean

Elina Halatcheva


Gesa Miczaika


Helen McBreen

Antlantic Bridge

Inka Mero


Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir


Pauline Wink


Simone Brummelhuis

Borski Found

Tatjana Zabasu Mikuž

SC Ventures

The core team

Kinga Stanisławska

Co-Founder of European Women in VC

Kasia Piasecki

European Women In VC

Selma Peters

Community Manager

Marcia Maciel

Head Of Growth

Marzena Bielecka

Co-Founder Emeritus

Anna Wnuk


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Our community

European Women in VC is a community of over 1000 senior female venture capital investors from all over Europe and beyond.

Depending on geography, female cheque writers represent only between 5% and 15% of angel and VC investors, while female founders receive only 2% of VC money. We are on the mission to change this status quo!