Women Investors on the rise in Europe. Panel by Angella Invest.

A photo of TechBBQ's Investor Day guests, including Kinga Stanislawska, Nora Bavey, Bettine Schmitz, Helga Valfells.

The TechBBQ's Investor Day, hosted by Angella Invest, was a remarkable event that showcased four exceptional women investors on the panel:

Kinga Stanisławska - Co-founder of European Women in VC and GP of Experior VC

Nora Bavey - GP of Unconventional Ventures

Bettine Schmitz - angel investor, GP of Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund, and co-founder of the Evangelistas & Female Business Angels Podcast

Helga Valfells - Founding GP of Crowberry Capital

It also drew attention to the encouraging trends within the industry, particularly in terms of gender and diversity:

🎯  More Data on Women Investors:
There is a growing focus on gathering data about women investors.

🎯 More Backing for Women:
We're witnessing increasing support for women, both as investors and founders.

🎯 Growing Communities and Women Taking Action:
The number of communities and women actively participating in the startup ecosystem is on the rise ‍

Here is the article by Angella Invest highlighting the gender imbalance and the substantial economic potential that lies in increasing the number of women investors in the startup ecosystem 👉 Read the article here

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