Women in VC Briefing: Ekaterina Almasque

Women in VC Briefing Ekaterina Almasque

Katya is a General Partner at OpenOcean, early-stage venture capital firm operating across Europe. Beside this she is also on board of IQM, the European leader for superconducting quantum computers, as well as several other companies. Her passion to tech industry started when she was very young.  Katya became an entrepreneur at the age of 17, setting her first software business. She was a software architect with focus on emerging distributed architectures, she also launched new products, and led standardisation of Java. Then her work path cross VC’s path. She was starting her investment career from working for corporate and independent venture capital funds in Silicon Valley and Europe. Soon she became a Managing Director of Samsung Catalyst Fund - Samsung’s Electronics $500M venture capital. Currently she is focused on investing in unique technologies enabling our future data-driven economy like artificial intelligence, data infrastructure and quantum computing.

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