INNVEST in Albania: creating a VC ecosystem for sustainable solutions

Katarzyna Piasecki speaking at the INNVEST event

Just came back from INNVEST in Tirana/Albania, where we shared insights and perspectives on the creation of an ecosystem for sustainable solutions and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

#VentureCapital plays a vital role in driving innovation and economic growth, and our discussion revolved around the significance of women in creating companies that will tackle challenges Albania is facing. We highlighted the importance of having diverse voices at the decision-making table, particularly when it comes to shaping the emerging economy, keeping young talent and developing sectors like tourism and agriculture in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to share our knowledge and contribute to the development of this ecosystem. Let's keep pushing for positive change and innovation!Thank you to the organizer Fabiola Duro and her team, Najada Kumbuli, Carl Manlan, Snežana Sofijanić, Ana Markovic (Visa), Herjola Spahiu, EMBA, Margot K., Amina Ahmad, Sofjola Kotelli, Jeta Deda, Ermira Shyti, Mireda Thana Caci.

It was immensely interesting to be part of the macro & micro economic discussion on start up and venture ecosystem through the lenses of sustainability and gender. As this country lays the groundwork for investments, it's truly exciting to contemplate the pivotal role that Albanian women can play here right from the very beginning.
~ Katarzyna Piasecki, Managing Partner at European Women in VC

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