European Women in VC Summit in Berlin

European Women in VC Summit in Berlin

10% is not good, 5% even worse.

This is a procent of women partners categorised as key decision makers in VC funds in Europe.

This community driven initiative has grown from a need to have a more diverse and balanced VC environment and start up eco-system. It is such a long way to go with the starting point of single digit female professionals in the space.

VC fuels high growth companies of tomorrow.

We believe that having a diverse set of decision makers is more advantageous for the VC industry, for instance: higher returns to investors, more inclusive culture and higher possibility to fund women entrepreneurs.

European Women in VC Summit is an invite-only event for both women and men who see the VC gender gap as an issue to be addressed. Once again we would like to gather in an informal atmosphere to discuss market trends, share knowledge and experience and to get easy access to different VC eco-systems from all around Europe. We would also like to discuss how we can support women activation in the VC industry as well as financing of start-ups founded by women or serving women's needs.

Why Summit?

We are on a mission to build a strong and active community of Senior Women VC Professionals (VC founders and Senior Partners of VC Funds), empower women-led VC initiatives, help women-led funds build LP relationships and fundraise, encourage impact investing from VCs into women-founded tech companies and grow the under-represented female VC community from the current level of around 5% in Europe.

Organizing Committee:

Kinga Stanislawska from EWiVC
Marzena Bielecka from EWiVC
Sille Pettai from SmartCap
Zlatolina Mukova from NEVEQ
Mali Baum from WLOUNGE
Luz Ramírez from EIF
Marika Mazzi Boém from EISMEA
Alessandra Lomonaco from EWiVC
Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir from Crowberry Capital
Tatjana Zabasu from SC Ventures
Olga Afanasyeva from UVCA
Stéphanie Hospital from OneRagtime
Ivana Šoljan from HUB385
Rannveig Fadum from Investinor
Ibolya Pinter from HVCA
Silke Horáková from CVCA
Bindi Karia from Molten Ventures
Cecile Blilious from GSG
Karolina Attspodina from Greentech Alliance
Elżbieta Obrębowska from EWiVC as Head of Event

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