Venture Forward. Navigating your Successful Career in VC.

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Early and mid-career female professionals working in VC or growth funds.

Start date

3 weeks


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Number of sessions


Formula of meetings

Practical and actionable
  • First hand insights and advice from experienced professionals on how to navigate a successful career in VC
  • Leveraging skills and mindset to take charge of a future and fast track career
  • Networking, experience sharing and building trusted relationships that go beyond the "small talk"
What you will learn

Agenda and main topics

Sessions will be led by industry experts will cover a range of topics including:
How to Be Successful in Venture Capital?

Explore the essential components for a successful career in venture capital, and gain invaluable insights as experts and senior VC professionals share their inspirational career journeys.

Diversity in VC

Understand diverse perspectives on women in venture capital and receive practical advice for navigating the venture capital landscape with confidence and strategic acumen.

Board readiness

Unlock invaluable insights and practical guidance on preparing for board positions, including essential leadership skills. Acquire the knowledge for excelling in boardrooms and making impactful contributions to organizations.

Your Assets and Finances

Dive into the financial aspects of a career in venture capital and learn about the remuneration structures including management fees, carried interest, and strategies for financial success including negotiation and mastering difficult conversations.

Pitching, Storytelling and Networking

Learn how pitching, storytelling, and a robust network play pivotal roles in the venture capital industry and how they contribute to success of both the venture capital funds and their portfolio companies.

About the Venture Forward Academy

An online boot camp designed to equip rising stars in the industry with the skills and mindset necessary to fast-track professional growth and confidently step into larger roles in the venture capital sector.

Venture capital demands a combination of technical skills, emotional intelligence, and the ability to navigate rapidly changing environments.

Throughout the online sessions, participants will have the opportunity to connect with experts and role models, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the landscape with a specific emphasis on fostering a unique female perspective.

The program is organised by the EIT (European Institute of Technology) Community and their Supernovas programme in collaboration with European Women in VC.

Academia Agreements
Taught by top-tier professionals
Chris Wade

Co-Founder & Partner at Isomer Capital

Christian Rangen

General Partner at Link Capital

Ed Zimmerman

Co-founder at Lowenstein Sandler LPP

Evgenia Plotnikova

General Partner at Dawn Capital

Gülsah Wilke

Partner at DN Capital

Mari Luukkainen

Principal at

Marianna Mamou

Head Advice Beyond Investing, UBS Chief Investment Office

Matt Penneycard

Co-founding Partner at Ada Ventures

Natalia Blagburn

Portfolio Director, Mercia Ventures

Oya Derindere

Counsel at Van Campen Liem

Pawel Rogalski

Partner at Key Search

Rainer Märkle

General Partner at HV Capital

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