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Action Plan for Europe

1. Establish a Fund of Funds of €3B for women-led funds 

2. Grant/Loan to the General Partner contribution  up to Fund II of the firm

Lack of capital upfront to fund the General Partner contribution is one of the most significant issues women face as emerging managers.

3. A tracking platform to make sure female-founded companies are being supported

We must ensure that VC firms have females at all decision-making levels, most notably at the General Partner level. Data talks: There is still no mandate for European-funded funds to track data on European capital allocation and how it affects ESG goals. We need:

4. Set Up Relationship-Building Events for Women-Led VC Firms and Limited Parters​​

Set up two events per year where women-led VC firms and international Limited Partners (including American, Asian, and others) are invited to network and establish relationships. These events will bring more capital to Europe and the female-led VC ecosystem.

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5. Financial Incentives to investment in Women-Led Funds

Offer tax incentives to Limited Partners who invest in female-led funds and companies at the national and international level.

6. Get involved- Sign the Petition Now!​

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